First issue of the International Newsletter

It is great to part of something greater than ourselves.” Never have these words rung more true than they do when thinking of the real concept behind child centered education schools like ours.  Our newly launched International Newsletter gives us some insight into the great things that have been accomplished and are yet to come from our students, who are learning how to be global citizens as well as being part of something that is essentially bigger than all of us.  I am incredibly excited at the prospect of witnessing the other doors this project will open and the experiences, life lessons, knowledge and profound moments of reflection each passage will undoubtedly offer.

Fresh off the press! Here is the first issue of our new International Newsletter that about a third of our students have contributed to.

Please read it with your children and enjoy all of our students’ ideas, perspectives and creative thinking needed to complete this newsletter.

We would like to thank and congratulate all of the students who have participated in the process of creating the newsletter for following through on their commitments and for being risk-takers.

While we have the opportunity, the school would also like to thank Miss Deborah Nyberg for her impressive efforts and for her belief and empowerment of our students in relation to the newsletter.

First issue April 2015.