Recipes and book reviews for the next newsletter

Dear parents,

we are collecting recipes and book tips for the May issue of our international newsletter.

If you (family member or friend) have a simple and easy to follow recipe that you would like to share, then please send your recipe to Please include the following information in your email:

Ingredients list and instructions on how to make it
A picture of the dish (please list the link if the picture is taken from the internet)
The name of the country the dish is from
Your name

Does your recipe have a story behind it? Then feel free to write a short explanation about this (for example: the recipe has been handed down from one generation to the other, the recipe was made accidentally, etc.).

Book Review (for grades 1 – 10)
Has your child read a good book lately or maybe they have a favourite book that they think someone else would also enjoy? Write a book review and have it published in the newsletter! Please Include the following information in your review:
Name and grade of your child
The grade or age level the book is for
A short description of the book
A short review of the book (feel free to include how the book relates to the international community)

Thank you in advance for your contributions!

Please send them to