August Issue of the International Newsletter published

Dear AIS community,

We are now proud to publish the August Issue of the International Newsletter

This version is a “mini”-version as it is a back to school issue. There will be a full version coming on September 30 including among other things:

Student profile interviews

AIS Teacher interview

An interview with a teacher who works at another school

Interviews with students in different schools across the world

Did you know facts about our profile students and teachers

Global Event news: It’s Trinidad’s independence day today.

Celebration Highlight: Highlights from the Tomato Festival (La Tomatina)

Reader’s Corner: What books have our students been reading during the summer break?

Film Reviews: What inspirational films have our students seen lately?

Special causes: A closer look at the enchanting Snow Leopard

Unit Presentation: Find out what units our students like the best

Community Talk: A meeting with Norway’s only Sotozen Buddhist Priest

Shout-outs: Read the greetings our students send out to their community

Artists in our local community


We hope you enjoy our work!

Best regards,

The International Newsletter Crew