MYP Three way conferences (Oct. 27-28)

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) teachers have the pleasure of inviting you to this year’s three-way conferences and are excited to meet you all to update you on your child’s academic progress and performance.

The three-way conferences will be organized as a range of meetings where you and your child have the chance to talk to the subject teachers regarding your child’s progress and areas they should target to improve their achievements.

The three-way conferences will be organized in the Middle Years Programme classrooms at AIS on the following days:

Grade 8/10 – Tuesday, October 27, 1500-1900

Grade 7/9 – Thursday, October 28, 1500-1900

There will be sign-up sheets in the hallway the week prior to the conferences where the students can sign up for talks with the individual teachers. Sign up sheets where students can track their appointments will be handed out to the students and be available next to the sign-up board.

The next conference will be the student-led conferences in March, which will also give an opportunity to meet with the individual teachers if this is desirable. In between the conferences we are available for comments, suggestions, concerns and praise. In addition to this, the reports will be sent out in the middle of January with academic achievements and feedback for all subjects.

As always, we encourage you to communicate any concerns or positive experiences you might have regarding your child’s education or well being with their homeroom teachers so that we can work together to improve their well being or learning.