June issue of the International Newsletter

June has been a month full with various celebrations and the Newsletter Crew are proud and excited to have been able to cover the news in our last edition for this school year.  One dedicated member, Yvonne, in grade 8, covered the photography at the PYP Exhibition on her own initiative and took wonderful pictures! Another dedicated member, Tomoko, grade 5, is moving to Japan after the summer and has asked to continue to be in the AIS Newsletter as a global consultant!  It is such an honour to work with such motivated, dedicated and talented students – we have many of them here at AIS!   International mindedness is what we are striving for and it is happening, one step at a time!
Read about the inspirational PYP Exhibition – grade 6’s major project before they start MYP. The experience at Kuben Museum was amazing!  Our coverage is a good second best for those who couldn’t attend.
AIS celebrated its 10 tear anniversary with a day filled with fun activities, special events and much more! Mr Gerrick Robinson’s wonderful photography captured many special moments and we give you a good overview of the day’s events.
Last, but not least, our 10th grade graduation ceremony!  It’s been a pleasure to interview our two lively 10th graders Sander and Christoffer.  Read all about them and see the great graduation pictures that were collected from various sources.
Our Newsletter Crew deserves a relaxing and fun summer!  We will be back with a “Back to School” issue at the end of August.  Have a glorious summer!

https://www.aischool.no/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/June-2016.pdf June 2016

Kind regards,

Ms. Deborah H B Nyberg

Editor in Chief
AIS International Newsletter