17th of May 2017 – Norwegian National Day Celebrations

AIS is number 7 in the Parade

09.40   Meet outside the Flavours of India restaurant in the town centre. Please make sure your child has good walking  shoes, wears smart clothes/national costume and has a Norwegian flag to wave

10.00    The parade starts – Note it is almost impossible to join the parade once it has started. Please see the map for the route so you can decide where you want to stand to watch your children march by. Map of Route

11.00    The march ends at Sam Eides Plass. For more information about what is happening, see this link. Arrange with your child to exactly where to meet them at Sam Eides Plass. 

Celebration at 13.30

After the parade all are welcome to come to the school from 13.30-15 for fun-and-games, a café and a nice time together with our other families.

Both cash and Vipps are accepted. Money raised will be matched by the school, and will go towards something fun for the playground.

See the event invitation here: 17th of May 2017