May 7th: Netiquette for Parents

We have the pleasure of inviting you to an information evening with Barnevakten on May 7, 18.00-20.00.

Barnevakten is an association that works to increase children and youth’s ability to act responsibly and safely online. As a part of their work they visit schools to meet with students and parents to increase their awareness of how children can be safe online.  For more information regarding Barnevakten see:

The PYP students and the MYP students will meet with a Barnevakten representative the same day to learn more about positive online behavior and potential dangers of being online.

We hope that you as parents take an interested in your children’s online behavior and have a desire to learn more about how you can keep them safe. One way to learn more is to meet up to learn more about netiquette from Barnevakten.

The information meeting will be held in English so that as many parents as possible can take part.

We will organize babysitting, but there is limited capacity. Please sign up for babysitting here.