Communicating with Empathy in PYP3

Last week PYP3 students looked at images of children feeling angry, frustrated, bored, hurt, hungry, stressed, etc. and learned how to empathise by first describing what they see and then offering support. For example:

“I can see you feel angry, is there something I can do to help?”
“I noticed tears in your eyes, are you feeling sad?”
“You look hungry, would you like some of my food?”
“I can see you are crying, can I sit with you?”


This week, this was connected with their new unit of inquiry, The Art of Performance, by asking them to create short performances demonstrating how to communicate with empathy. They had some great ideas and were very focused and on task when rehearsing. When presenting, many students experienced stage fright. This was a great learning opportunity as Ms Lorelei extended the lesson to talk about the feelings we have when presenting/performing in front of an audience. Presenting is an important part of the IB curriculum, culminating in the PYP Exhibition and the MYP Personal Project. It is great to start learning how to manage the feelings associated with presenting early on in school life!

A favourite line from the PYP3 performances was: “We need more buddies, not baddies!”

It was great to hear that some of the students have been taking ACTION to communicate with empathy on the playground. For example, one PYP3 student saw that a boy had fallen down on the football pitch. He approached the child and said, “I can see you are hurt, can I help you get back up?” Well done, PYP3!

The key RAK concepts for this unit are: COMPASSION, EMPATHY and CARING. All PYP students have enjoyed participating in the Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons with Ms Davina, our Social Counselor/Teacher.

When working with the PYP3 students, we have talked about how to respond with empathy to a wide range of emotions. Here is a lovely article from The Mighty including a great resource, the Wheel of Emotions:

The ‘Emotion Chart’ My Therapist Gave Me That I Didn’t Know I Needed