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Some of you have started following @aislibrary on Instagram which is great.  I hope it inspires you to read something new, something interesting, something encouraging, thought-provoking or maybe just something otherworldly and scary.

There are plenty of new titles in the library specifically for UY – MYP 9 and 10. Authors such as Lydia Ruffles, Muhammed Khan, Maggie Stiefvater, John Green and many more… You are welcome to visit the library before or after school or during your allotted break time and browse around. Ask for help, we do not bite!

Facts for autumn, corona, and busy lives:

Pointer for research projects or homework: use BritannicaSchool and Imagequest.  Lots of expert verified information here, MLA sources have been correctly identified and can be copied pasted to your bibliography.  Find it on scroll down to the links.

Do you want to be a changemaker? Are you interested to find out about what it means to be a leader? Would you like to read about people who went before you and did some incredible small or big things?  Check out our current Be the Change section in the library.

Finally: stay up to date with what is happening in the world:

Happy reading.