Our well-stocked school library provides a range of books and magazines in various languages


Many of our English language books are registered on the Accelerated Reader system, and allow students to work towards levelled reading targets by reading and taking quizzes on a range of books they enjoy.


Our school library provides a range of English, Norwegian and other language books and magazines. A range of digital tools also supports the library including computers, iPads and a media room for film and audio work.


Our library catalogue, Junior Librarian, allows students and teachers to search, reserve, borrow and return resources at any time. The Library has a quiet sofa area for reading, computers for student use, and tables for class teaching, small group and individual work. The library is visited at least once a week by PYP students for a library lesson and is available to MYP classes as well. Students from both programs are free to visit the facility to borrow resources at any time, and we encourage parents to visit with their children before or after school. The library is staffed by librarians, who provide assistance to students and staff, in addition to providing resources for class teaching.

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