Students in AIS originate from all over the world, and so do their parents

We are fortunate to have a resourceful group of parents who are involved in many aspects of the AIS school community.


Getting to know other parents is a way of building a community of internationally-minded people and life-long learners.


At the beginning of each school year, each class elects two parents to become their class representative on the AIS Parent Committee (AISPC), the contact point for the parents in the class. The Parent Committee also organises various social activities to take place during term both for the class and on a whole-school basis.

Parent Committee information

The AIS Parent Committee (AISPC) meets approximately four times per term and organizes a broad range of activities and get-togethers. The committee elects a member to represent the parents on the AIS School Board.


Principal and students at Arendal international school



We expect your child to be present at school each and every day. In the event that your child will be absent, please register them as absent using Managebac (see link below).

For planned leave lasting more than two days away from school please apply using our Apply for Leave form (see link below), in order to ask for approval from the head of school.

After School Care (SFO)

Our After School Care is open to our PY 1-4 students. Older students may be admitted if there is space.



We love to celebrate this special event! If you choose to send in a treat to share, please make sure the snack can be served by your child independently or with only a little assistance. Children that have birthdays during summer celebrate in the last week of school. In order to reduce the social conflicts related to birthdays, strengthen inclusiveness and build a stronger community, birthday invitations can be passed out at school if all students or all boys/girls are invited (grades 1-5). If smaller parties are being organized these must be outside SFO/School pick-up time and invites should not be shared on Facebook pages.

Health Services

Our School Nurse is available regularly at school. See the Student tab for more information.


School holiday dates can be found in our School Calendar.

Indoor shoes

All students must have a pair of shoes (not slippers) that are only worn inside. They should stay at school at all times.


Please help your child label his/her lunch box, classroom equipment, coat, hat, mittens/gloves, clothes and indoor and outdoor shoes, with his/her name. Many children have similar items and it really helps if things get lost.


MYP students have their lunch break every day from 11.45-12.05, and PYP students have their lunch break every day from 11:55-12:10. It is important that all students bring lunch to school. We are not able to heat food in our classrooms, so please make sure that your child’s lunch is ready to eat. Students should also bring a small snack for breaktime. At AIS we do not allow unhealthy snacks like chocolate, chips, cake, soda unless it is for a special event organized by the teachers.

Permission Forms

All our permission forms can be found online via the OpenApply Parent Dashboard, Student Details. Make sure that you fill out all available forms for each of your children. These agreements will last as long as your child is enrolled at AIS. If you wish to make changes in the agreements, please notify the school and fill out a new permission form.


We have break time from 10:05-10:25 (PYP) 10.30-10.50 (MYP) and from 12:15-12:40 (PYP) 11.45-12.20 (MYP – including lunch). Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.

School day

PYP (Grade 1-6) school hours are from 08:35 until 14:10 every day.

MYP (Grade 7-10) school hours are from 08.35 until 14.15, except for Wednesday which ends at 15.15.


If you live in Arendal Kommune and are more than 4 km (2 km for Grade 1 students) away from AIS, and you would like your child to have a free school bus card, please fill out the form for this on OpenApply Parent Dashboard, Student Details.

Please contact the school if you live in another Kommune for transportation information.



International Curriculum

We have a curriculum designed to have a balance between the search for understanding, knowledge and skills, and the development of positive attitudes through meaningful and relevant experiences.

Life-long and Holistic learning

Our learners develop links between subjects and real-world issues. While meeting the needs of the students, we ensure that learning is significant, provocative, relevant, engaging and challenging.

Local and Global Citizens

Learners explore what it means to be internationally-minded with a focus on both global and local issues.

Students at Arendal International School

Information Packs

The Middle Years Programme


We are pleased to present you with Arendal International School’s Middle Years Programme’s Guide for Students and Parents. It is vital for students and parents to know and understand how and what students are learning.


Communication between the school personnel, teachers, students and parents is very important for  successful learning. We are aim to make our school a caring and instructive community for all involved in it. We wholeheartedly welcome all everyone to the school and look forward to a meaningful cooperation from all concerned.


Download MYP Guide for Students and Parents (Google Docs)

The Primary Years Programme


Our Curriculum Guide is designed to inform you of the teaching and learning that takes place at AIS.


Download PYP Guide for Students and Parents (Google Docs)


Students at Arendal International School